Welcome to the Allstate Agents Litigation Website

This site was created by Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, Sprenger & Lang, PLLC,and AARP Foundation Litigation ("Class Counsel") to provide information on the class action law suit that was filed in federal court on August 1, 2001, against Allstate Insurance Company, The Allstate Corporation, and their CEO, Edward M. Liddy.

Welcome to a website providing information about a lawsuit filed on behalf of over 6,200 former employee agents of Allstate Insurance Company. The plaintiffs claim that Allstate’s termination of their employment contracts in 2000 violated federal laws prohibiting age discrimination and protecting employee benefits and violated Allstate’s contractual and fiduciary duties to the agents. The website provides case information and updates, easy access to court filings, and the latest news.

What's the Name of the Case?

The case is called Gene Romero, et al. v. Allstate Insurance Company, et al. It is filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia.

What's At Stake?

Several important issues are at stake, including:

  • The enforceability of releases executed under threat of termination when failure to sign would have meant loss of substantial investments, and executed based on a series of misrepresentations;
  • The ability of a company to terminate employment relationships in order to save employee benefit costs;
  • The ability of a company to terminate employment relationships of agents perceived as too old;
  • The ability of a company to terminate the contracts of agents when those contracts provide that they can be terminated only for cause.

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Am I A Class Member?

This case was sent back to the trial court by the Court of Appeals last year with instructions that the Court address first the validity of the releases signed by almost all of the plaintiffs. Until that issue is addressed, plaintiffs will not have an opportunity to ask the judge to approve the proposed class. Until the judge rules, nobody is a class member.

When they have the opportunity, the plaintiffs intend to ask the judge to approve a class of former employee agents whose employment was terminated in the 2000 reorganization, with subclasses depending on the type of contract under which they were operating. The class would litigate all but the age discrimination claims.

Under federal law, age discrimination actions proceed as collective, not class, actions. Aggrieved persons must affirmatively join the action. When we have the opportunity, we will ask the judge to send notice to terminated agents of their right to join the lawsuit to litigate their age discrimination claims.

To keep updated on the status of the case, keep checking this website, particularly the updates on the "About the Case" page.

Additional questions? Call Lee-Ann Foster, one of the legal assistants assigned to the case, at 202-822-5100.

Can I Help?

If you have information that may help us -- the attorneys for the former employee agents -- in proving the claims, and you are a person with whom we can talk, we would like to hear from you. We are particularly interested in talking with members of the proposed class and with former employees of Allstate Insurance Company with information about the process by which Allstate decided to terminate its employment relationship with almost all of its agents. Please click here to learn more.